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We like to introduce you to the term lean closet and conscious fashion. This is the most sustainable way to go for fashion.

-  Shop with intention so that you love what you have

- Make sure you buy quality over quantity

- Follow the care guidelines so your clothes stay good as new for a long time

- Explore the idea of repair instead of replacement

- When it's time to make space in your wardrobe give your Sustainably U piece a new life  

Extend the life of your clothes with sustainable fashion tips from Sustainably U

The notion that your wardrobe is disposable needs to be revisited and rethought. It starts with buying quality products with minimal interventions to the fabric and then taking care of the products by following guidelines. This will extend the life of your clothes, increase your price per wear, and reduce unnecessary waste.

Care Guide

2-year warranty on all Sustainably U collections for repairs free of charge.
Warranty & Repair

At Sustainably U we 100% believe in quality and workmanship, so we offer a 2-year warranty for all our collections. Products that are within the 2-year warranty period are eligible for repairs free of charge with either the proof of purchase or an intact back label with the QR code. Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis and repairs may take up to 3-4 weeks.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. If your product needs repair, please email us at with photos and a description of the product issue, and the order number.

* To ensure you are able to avail these services make sure you do not remove the Sustainably U back label with the QR code. This label helps us to authenticate our brand.
Second life for your clothes: resell, upcycle, or donate with Sustainably U
Resell, Upcycle or Donate

One of the reasons you should give all your garments a second life is because we cannot afford to continuously exploit our natural resources, one day we will run out. Therefore, when it's time to make space in your closet, resale, upcycle, recycle or declutter your clothes to keep them in the loop of utility and out of the landfill. 


Under our C.A.R.E program, we have partnered with Thrift for Good, a local charity thrift shop that will give your used Sustainably U clothes a second life by selling the item in their store, at the market, or online. It's good for you, good for your closet, and good for the planet. And in return, you will receive a store credit of 15% on any of our collections. If your clothes are in no shape to be resold, Thrift for Good will repair, Upcycle, or recycle them, offering a fully zero waste solution. 100% of their profit goes towards helping children around the world by providing them health, education, and housing through their partnership with Gulf4Good. To know more about Thrift for Good projects please visit their website.

* To ensure you are able to avail of any of these services make sure you do not remove the Sustainably U back label with the QR code. This label helps us to authenticate our brand. It also helps you if you are planning to resell the piece.
Policies & Information
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