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sustainble and ethical fashion

Fabric choice directly affects the environment. Farming practices, fertilizers used, pesticides, petroleum drilling impact, chemicals and water needed to turn raw material into the fiber, dyeing, and end-of-life degradability all dictate the sustainability of your fabric and how it negatively impacts the Environment,

We at sustainably U be using fabrics that are ethically farmed, have a minimal carbon footprint, upcycled/recycled fabrics, and fabrics that are renewable in nature. Sustainable and ethical fashion starts with the fabric. One that’s good for people and the planet.

Fabric used for Beach-to-Brunch Collection

Fabric used for Boss Lady Collection

Organic cotton Peace silk
Sustainably U is Made of :

Linen |  Organic Cotton | Recycled Cotton | Peace Silk | Camel Wool| Tencel

Staying local in the sourcing of material, design, and production helps to cut carbon emissions, and air pollution, and keep tapping into the sustainability of the supply & value chain. It also helps with the sustainability of the local economy and circularity - from local sourcing to local production and consumption.

Our clothes are handmade in Dubai, this production process maximizes the use of resources and keeps supply closer to demand. It also uses much less energy, both in the actual production and in the tooling, and gives opportunities to the artisans to flourish.


And most importantly each collection is curated and made responsibly in small batches, so we stay as close to demand as possible to prevent overproduction. 

Local and Handmade
Local and Handmade

We design pieces, keeping in mind five things : 

  1.  Minimalism 

  2. Timelessness 

  3. Can  be worn year long

  4. Functional

  5. Can  fit together seamlessly

Our Design
indisposable wardrobe

The notion that your wardrobe is disposable needs to be revisited and rethought. It starts with quality products with minimal interventions to the fabric. We offer quality in not only the fabric we use but also warranty quality and high standards in workmanship. We also offer an afterlife to all our clothes when you decide to create space in your wardrobe. This is part of our sustainability strategy, so we ensure our products last and are part of your wardrobe for many years. To know more about our C.A.R.E Program read here.

If you like to know more about our supply chain, and the materials we use write to us, and we will be more than happy to share the information with you.

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