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Our vision - sustainably U


We envision a world where fashion is circular, where each garment has a purpose beyond a single season, and where sustainability is woven into the fabric of our everyday lives.

Purpose-driven Minimalism In Design

We design with the intention of creating timeless pieces that can be a part of your wardrobe for years to come without losing their character of minimalism. Sustainably U pieces will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

We take pride in sourcing all our raw materials locally to support the local suppliers. All our designs are handmade into garments at our workshop in Textile Souk, Dubai. This is to ensure circularity, minimal carbon footprint, transparency, quality, and fair wage/working conditions for every human that we collaborate with to bring each design to life.

Responsible Production
Mindful Partnerships

As a company driven by sustainability and circularity at every step of the way, we focus on building and fostering longer-term partnerships within the supply chain, media/Marketing, and aftersale partnerships. This definitely is not easy by any standard, however, we believe in the process and sticking to our core values. 

Sustainably U as a brand is 100% committed and takes responsibility to keep our garments out of landfill and in circulation. We offer our customers product warranty, care/repair, resale, upcycle, recycling, and donation services. Click here to learn more about our C.A.R.E program.



About simy - Sustainably U

My​ passion for clothing that is minimalistic in designs and luxurious in quality inspired me to create Sustainably U​. I was born in ​Kerala​, ​India, and traveled India and the rest of the world for the next 34 years which shaped my sensibilities and understanding of cultures, designs, fashion, and minimalism. 


​I am excited and over the moon to launch our fashion brand "Sustainably U" where sustainability, Circularity, creativity, and collaboration are the foundations and where we operate from.


On a personal front, I​ live in ​Dubai, a city that is a melting pot for cultures, languages, and traditions. I love the beach, practicing yoga, fashion, and books ​in the same order.

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