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Handcrafted and timeless pieces by Sustainably U

New Collection

Handmade oversized tailored Suit, SGS-certified Tencel Lyocell
puff-sleeved frill dress, 100% Pure Linen, handcrafted,ageless, timeless piece
Oversized floor length Kimono style Abaya yellow, Handmade in UAE, Pure Linen, Handcrafted
100% pure Lightweight Italian linen, Handcrafted, easy-breezy choker collar dress

Sustainably U pieces are timeless versatile designs made out of luxurious sustainable material that is defined by quality, beauty in minimalism, innovation, and empowering customers. We are a slow fashion label that believe sustainability comes from conscious choices.

We prioritize environmental and social responsibility throughout our creation process - from production till end-of-life to our supply chain. Every piece we create is guided by 4 key principles: 

  • Focus on intentional designs that maximizes their lifespan and minimize waste

  • We keep diversity, inclusivity, respecting local communities and traditions at the forefront of our every creative decisions.

  • Focus on reducing the negative environmental impact by

    • reducing waste,

    • slow responsible production,

    • sustainable high-quality material,

    • warranty & end-of-life plan on each of our creation  

    • working with a curated and verified local supply chain only.

  • We keep constant and consistent focus on innovation and technology to find new innovative materials, leveraging technology for traceability and transparency. We are all learning and growing every day, sustainability is a process, not a destination.

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