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April Crop Blouse

April Crop Blouse

"April" Shirt – a symphony of sustainability and style woven into every fiber. Crafted from the purest organic cotton, this contemporary long-sleeve shirt is a testament to both elegance and eco-consciousness.
Picture yourself enveloped in its soft embrace, the gentle touch of certified organic cotton against your skin, a reminder of nature's purity. Each stitch tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring not only durability but also a timeless appeal.

Adorned with delicate gold and shell buttons, "April" exudes sophistication in every detail. The subtle shimmer of gold accentuates its understated elegance, while the iridescence of shell buttons adds a touch of natural allure, reminiscent of seashore treasures.

  • Fabric & Care

    • GOT-Certified organic cotton
    • For the first wash, it is best to use a cold wash or a maximum 30 ° C water temperature
    • After that we recommend max. 40 ° C
    • Use a normal or mild detergent
    • Wash inside outwash with a similar color
    •  Make sure that your favorite items remain long-loved pieces for years to come, read our product care guide


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