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April barrel- legged Pants

April barrel- legged Pants

April" Pants is crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton poplin, these barrel-leg pants redefine elegance with their distinctive silhouette and eco-friendly ethos. 

Its barrel shape gracefully draping around your legs, exuding an air of refined poise. The trio of meticulously crafted front pleats on each leg not only adds a touch of architectural flair but also enhances movement and shape, ensuring every step is imbued with fluidity and grace.


Designed for both comfort and versatility, our tailored trousers feature an elasticated waistband at the back. This thoughtful detail allows for a customized fit, ensuring that "April" effortlessly embraces your contours, accentuating your silhouette with unparalleled comfort and ease.


As you slip into "April," feel the gentle caress of organic cotton against your skin, a reminder of nature's purity woven into every thread.

  • Fabric & Care

    • GOT-Certified organic cotton
    • Made in UAE
    • For the first wash, it is best to use a cold wash or a maximum 30 ° C water temperature
    • After that we recommend max. 40 ° C
    • Use a normal or mild detergent
    • Wash inside outwash with a similar color
    •  Make sure that your favorite items remain long-loved pieces for years to come, read our product care guide


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